Epoxy Floors

Partial Flake Floors

First, a base coat of direct-to-concrete industrial epoxy is put on the surface to make a strong bond with the concrete. After the epoxy is applied, the floor is then partially broadcast with the flakes of your choosing, including custom colors!

This is a durable option that adds more durability and accents to a solid color system. A top coat of polyurea can also be added for greater strength and a wet-look shine. The partial flake epoxy we offer is heat resistant, a very durable coating, and has a wet-look shine. 

There are many DIY kits of this kind specifically, and the look of this system outshines and outperforms all competition for many years to come. The concrete grinding we do before application, along with the high strength of our product, combine to give a finish to be proud of. The amount of chips we apply is also much more even and laid thicker than most other partial chip or flake systems.

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